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Making money online, working at home by using the computer has become a trend in the last decade. More and more people seeking and searching the best way to make money online with no scams, since more and more people buy things online instead of buy things from traditional stores. 

For that purpose people creating  a lot of different methods for  online businesses including affiliate businesses, like Wealthy Affiliate program.

In this article I’m going to discuss about Wealthy Affiliate program, which I consider the best way to make money online with no scams. Also, I will tell you step by step how to build your online business by joining Wealthy Affiliate and the advantages you can get as a member of the affiliate.

Is there any good reviews or feedbacks about Wealthy Affiliate programs?

I’ve been trying to find some different kinds of online business for a couple of years and read some reviews. But later I found out that many of them are scams or didn’t work for me. Of course I didn’t want to spend my money and wasted my time for a system that doesn’t fit my needs.

I wanted to know the best way to make money online. That’s why I tried to find information, reviews, and feedback in the internet before joining any online business.

Until finally I read many good reviews and feedbacks on google about Wealthy Affiliate program.

Most of the reviews or feedbacks were from premium members of Wealthy Affiliate itself. Thus, they should be honest and objective about their reviews or feedbacks. Because those premium members wrote those reviews or feedbacks based on their own experiences and knowledge within the Wealthy Affiliate.

WA Review

WA review2

What advantages can we get from Wealthy Affiliate compare with other affiliates programs?

Here I’m going to make a comparison between Amazon Associates programs (a giant affiliate business) and Wealthy Affiliate program.

If you want to become an affiliate of Amazon Associates program you should already have a niche website or semi developed niche website which is recommending products sell by Amazon.com.

Also, your website needs to be approved by Amazon if you want to get commissions from your referring products.

They don’t give you commission for referring someone to join their affiliate programs. Unlike Wealthy Affiliate programs, they don’t provide trainings nor tutorials about how to build a website and how to monetize your website.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate programs is for everyone,  whether you are a housewife, a student, or an employer. By joining Wealthy Affiliate programs you can make your own website and learning about the best way make money online with no scams, their state of the art hosting and helpfull community members.

They provide interactive classrooms, video tutorials, all levels of trainings, courses, instant help and  supports.

You will get many benefits by joining Wealthy Affiliate programs and you may join some more other affiliate programs either, including Amazon Associates and Pay Per Click.

You can make multiple profits by using your niche marketing websites with all different affiliate programs you’re joining. 

If you cannot find any niche marketing for your website, you should take the Affiliate Bootcamp to learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate program on your website. 

niche crop

Here are what you will learn in Affiliate Bootcamp:


You will get commission by referring someone to join Wealthy Affiliate program, and commissions from your niche website too if you join other affiliates as well. 

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The followings are the pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate programs:


  •     For everyone who wants to make money online.
  •     Members can learn how to build website and internet marketing.
  •     State of the art hosting.
  •     Helpful community members.
  •     Interactive classrooms.
  •     All levels of trainings , courses, and tutorials.
  •     Instant help and supports.
  •     You get commissions for referring someone to Wealthy Affiliate.
  •     You may joining other affiliates.
  •     You get commissions from other affiliates for your referring products on your websites.
  •     Multiple profits.


  •   Too much to offer with all the courses, trainings, and other stuff. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.


Is Wealthy affiliate the right programs for me?

The first day I became a free member of Wealthy Affiliate programs I was convinced that this is the right programs for me to make money online. Please read about me page here.

They provide free tools, free video tutorials, free affiliate boot camp, free trainings, free website domain, free hosting and many more for their members to help them become successful  entrepreneurs.

Then, I realized that I have found the best way to make money online with no scams at all.

All Wealthy Affiliate’s tutorials and trainings are step by step and easy to follow, which means they are beginners friendly. Besides the owners, Kyle and Carson, also give good supports to all the members.

They will give you tips, advises and sharing their experiences. When you feel stuck or having a problem around the programs, you can ask their help by sending a private message to them.

They provide live chat tool either for the affiliate members to get instant help.

WA live chat

In other words, there are a lot of things you can learn and a lot of support you can get to build your own online profitable business with Wealthy Affiliate program.

You may consider how much time will you invest to build your online business and monetize your website. That’s why  Wealthy Affiliate program is the best way to make money online and no scams. 

Decide yourself whether Wealthy Affiliate  program is the right business program for you too, and fit your online business needs. I recommend you to take a free tour inside Wealthy Affiliate with a free starter membership by clicking the link below.

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How can I find a good niche marketing?

A good profitable website is  a website which has a good niche marketing that can attract a lot of visitors or even buyers. According bussinessdictionary.com, “a niche marketing  is concentrating all marketing  efforts on a small but specific and well defined segment of the  population”.

So, your niche marketing is a group of people who become  your target of marketing.

Make your website as a tool to help people finding a product that they want or you can offer your service of your expertise to help people solve their problem. 

Your niche marketing can be your interest, your hobby, or your passion. It’s great to make money doing what you love, isn’t?

In case you don’t know yet what should you choose as your niche marketing, Wealthy Affiliate program will provide you with free tutorials and tools to help you  find your niche marketing and build your niche website. Here are the tools:

WA tools

All the tools above, including the keyword tool is 100% free for members of Wealthy Affiliate program to make a successful and profitable website. Wealthy Affiliate has also a powerful keyword research tool that you can use to search your keyword, it is Jaaxy. Everyone may use Jaaxy and get 30 keyword searches free if he has a trial account.

How if I don’t have any product to sell and how can I earn my money?

Don’t worry if you don’t have any product to sell or you don’t have enough money to start your own business. You can  earn your money by promoting products from giant companies  such as Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Apple, and many others with your niche website.

You earn commissions whenever someone buys a product that you recommend in your website. Then your job is done. Also, you don’t have to worry about customer service. 

If you become a Wealthy Affiliate member, your website acts like a marketing and referral engine. You can make money from your niche website and when you are referring someone too.

It is multiple money making programs and indeed the best way to make money online with no scams.

But you are not obliged to promote the affiliate program and you will not be forced to make your ‘downline’. Also you are free to have a free membership as long as you want or to stop become a member of Wealthy Affiliate program whenever you want.

Hereby what you can earn from Wealthy Affiliate program by simply referring other people to the affiliate community:

earn from WA

WA income

How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

If you want to have a free starter membership it costs only $0 (zero dollar). 

Here are the benefits that you can get as a free starter member:

  • Free starter trainings.
  • You may build 2 free websites using SiteRubix domain names (SiteRubix is a platform which provides by Wealthy Affiliate where you can build a website with WordPress).    
  • Seven days access to get a better insight into Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Twenty four hours supportive communities with live chat.
  • You can get commission when you have referrals within your first 7 days.
  • You may become a free starter member as long as you like.
  • You can find the other benefits on the details below.

Upgrade to premium membership it costs $47 per month, if you pay month by month. But if you upgrade to premium within your first 7 days then  you only have to pay $19 (it is a 59% discount).

There are many benefits you can get as a premium member. One of the benefits is that you may build 25 websites using SiteRubix and 25 websites using your own domain names.

If you upgrade to yearly, it costs $359 (it is just $29 per month).

It is not expensive at all, despite all the trainings, bootcamp, tutorials, and advises that you will get. It takes money to make money. No business is cheaper than running an online business.

Consider your membership fee as your investment. Starting a traditional store could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars with a much greater risks.

By the way, if you don’t have any credit card you may pay the fee by using PayPal. If you have a bank account, then you can make PayPal account. Hereby  is  the details:

Final words

If you really want to make money online with no scams, whether  you don’t have enough money to start your own business, whether you already have a website, or  you don’t have any knowledge about how to build a website, you may consider to becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Basically anyone who is joining Wealthy Affiliate program can get many benefits from it. Among others:

  • You get knowledge how to build your online business and monetize it
  • You become your own boss
  • You can get extra income
  • You can work from home and whenever you want
  • You will join a wonderful and helpful community

By joining Wealthy Affiliate program  you will learn the best way to make money online with no scams at all. It is easy and free to join Wealthy Affiliate programs. If it works for me, perhaps it will work for you too. Start your free starter membership today.

Click this banner to learn more.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below regarding Wealthy Affiliate programs. I’m ready to clear the things out.

Amazon Associates

Amazon, a trusted brand name

Amazon affiliate marketing programs was launched in 1996 and become one of the first affiliate programs in the internet. It is a well known and a trusted brand name among internet users. It makes people feel more comfortable making  purchases from Amazon than from other lesser known or unknown companies.

If you are a blogger or content site owner , you can become a member of the Amazon affiliates programs but you need to get approval to become member of Amazon affiliates. Thus, you have to sign up to Amazon associates website to become an affiliate.

WA process money

As Amazon affiliate you can choose a method to add Amazon products. Also you can choose how you want to display your ads. You can put linking tools from Amazon site to advertise Amazon products and monetize your own site.

Invest your time to test various types of ads positions, methods, or products. Try to find which one works best on your site and should produce revenue.

Amazon has millions of new and used products. You may promote the products of your own interest that would attract your readers. It is your niche marketing and people will not doubt to buy the product of your niche because Amazon is a trusted brand name among internet users.

But if you prefer not to choose the products yourself, you may select an automated ad which will give you a list of products based on the content of your website or the best deals on Amazon.

You will be able to collect commissions or referral fees when customers click through the links on your websites and buy the products. But your affiliate membership approval will be cancelled by Amazon if something is not sold from your website within three months.

Hereby the fixed advertising fee rates that you will get from Amazon if you become their affiliate.

Amazon fixed rates

Amazon gen prod fees Amazon mobile apply fees Amazon volume based fees

As we can see from the tables of advertising fee rates above, the commissions for Amazon affiliates is between 1% up to 10%. It is a bit low commissions.

Amazon pays you as their affiliate in several ways:

  •  Pay By Check (for minimum $100 earnings)
  •  Direct Deposit to your bank (for minimum earnings $10, USA only)
  •  Amazon Gift Card (for minimum earnings $10)

Amazon also provides some different tools to facilitate their affiliates. The tools give advantage to the affiliates to be able to copy paste the products of their interest to be promoted in their websites. One of the tools is Site Stripe. This toolbaar has some features to make affiliates easily add links and also for a quick view of their earning commissions. The features of Site Stripe among others: Link to any Page, Build Slideshows on the Fly, Share on Twitter and Facebook, and View Earnings Summary.

Site stripe

Other than Site Stripe, Amazon provides widgets for their affiliates too. Some of the widgets are:

  • Deals Widget: To show “Goldbox deals”. It is a gold color box which is showing a discounted items from a specific category and ongoing promotions of the category.
  • Carousel Widget: This widget is almost the same as Deals Widget. The different is that this enables you to show the discounted items or ongoing promotions of a specific category in a rotating gallery of the items.
  • My favorites: This widget enables you to show your amazon favorite products or to tell your feeling about a certain product.

You can also promoting Amazon products by using Amazon graphical banners for each category on your website. Amazon has standard banner sizes and shapes, and banners for special seasonal promotions either.

Amazon widgets

Another benefit you can get as an Amazon affiliates is that you can create an online store with up to 100 storefronts using aStore setup tool. This aStore tool guides you to generates a URL. You can embed links from this URL to your website and display feature of Amazon products. With this aStore tool you can also create a shopping cart for your customers.


  • Amazon provides tools and supports for their affiliates.
  • Amazon has millions of new and used products to promote.
  • Trusted brand name among internet users.
  • You can collect commissions when someone buys Amazon’s product recommended at your website.


  • You must have a semi developed or developed website to join Amazon Associates.
  • They don’t provide trainings nor tutorials for their affiliates.
  • You must get approval to become Amazon affiliate member.
  • They will cancel your affiliate’s approval if you don’t sell anything from your website within three months.

How do you think so far? Are you interested to become a member of Amazon affiliate?