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Hello there! Welcome to my site . My name is Hayu, your new friend in learning how to make money online.

I always lack of confidence especially about my appearance, despite of my previous jobs. That is one of the reasons why I was looking for an opportunity to work from home and make money online. Of course it would be great if I could get an extra income and become my own bos.

That was why I’ve looked for a lot of informations in the net about making money online. When I read about Wealthy Affiliate with a lot of good reviews and feedbacks from it’s members, I decided to take my chance.

I become a member of this affiliate program. I’ve learned a lot from Wealthy Affiliate and it’s helpful community. The successful members of the community also like to share their experiences and knowledge to newbies. 

Now I can make my own website after learning from training videos and easy to follow step by step tutorials from Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s  how my adventure began in online marketing business. My lack of confidence is not a problem anymore because as internet marketer I don’t need  face to face with my clients to sell my products.

I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate, the best affiliate programs in the internet,  if you want to make money online. 

Or you can email me: admin@mywealthyworld.com

My best wishes for you all and here is my poem for motivation annd some of my other poems:


Climb the highest mountain, sweatheart!

Climb to the top of the earth,

before the day goes,

and the strong wind blows,

then  it might strike your hopes.

Fly to the brightest sky, honey!

Get the stars of glory,

before the dark cloud comes,

and the lightnings dance,

thus, take your chance.

Do your best, baby!

Be the best.



Time is a fest,
It passes so fast,
Flash! Leaving your past.

Time is not a bolt,
Do not try to hold,
Jolt! You’re already old.

Time is to be used up,
When your time is up,
Puff! You just give up.



Please, give me back my old good time

When everything was just fine,

When my day by day still full of joy,

When my hopes and wishes still as high as the sky,

When my dreams still as beautiful as the heaven song,

When I still had to learn about right and wrong,

When I was still so naive, so young.


Please, give me more and more time

To replace my acts which were not kind,

To change my wrong doings and goal,

To fix my broken wings and soul,

To erase my bad things that beyond control,

To do more good deeds indeed,

To fulfill all my promises, as soon as I need.


Please, tell me God,

How much time still I have left

To be ready to meet my fate?

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Hayu, I’m stunt that you already have such a well built website! Congrats to you! Looking forward for more and I wish you a successful journey in your website building!


    1. Hello Bernard, thanks for your compliment. I’m learning how to build website from Wealthy Affiliate. Their trainings and tutorials are easy to follow even for someone who never make a website in the past, like me. I’m going to post more articles for this website and I hope visitors of my website will get benefit from my articles. I wish you likewise.


  2. I had a great time visiting your sight. I found a lot of helpful information people can find if they are looking to start working from home online.


  3. Hey Ken,

    Thanks for visiting my site and that you enjoyed it.

    My mission in building this site is to give information for people who want to build their online business or who want to learn making money online. I will write more articles in order to give more useful information about online business.
    Best wishes.


  4. Hi Hayu! Welldone. What an amazing website you have build from scratch. BTW, what is your theme? I tired to use Cleanr as my theme coz it looks easy and really clean. But I am stuck. Yours is great.


    1. Hello Kipp! Thanks for your compliment.
      My theme is Vantage. I did some experiments with some different themes and finally I choose Vantage. Because I want my homepage clean and attrractive.
      What is your problem with Cleanr? How can I help you? Perhaps I can help.

      Glad we connected. Looking forward for your next comment 🙂


  5. Hi Hayu! Welldone. BTW, what is your theme? I tired to use Cleanr as my theme coz it looks easy and really clean. But I am stuck. Yours is great.


  6. Hi Gary,
    Yes, Winston Churchill is a great man. I put his quote and a video of Steve Jobs to motivate the visitors of my site who want to build online business to not give up till they’ll reach their goals. Of course it is to motivate myself too.

    Thanks for visting and leaving a comment.


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