Basic Steps To Create a Content



Basic Steps To Create a Content


Are you ready to create a content for your new site? You might want to start by creating the easiest content like “About me” page. I have this page at my site. Or might be a page for the homepage of your site. Here are the basic steps to create a content:

  • Look at your WordPress Dashboard, click “Pages” then click “Add New”.
  • You’ll see a screen which looks like a page on your email when you are going to write an email. Fill in the title, for example “Getting Started In Online Business”. Use a specific and unique keywords for the title on every post or page of your site. Visitors of your site will see what your post or page is about from the title before reading the whole content of your post or page. Titles are also playing a big part to determine your rankings on the search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Just write naturally for your audiences, don’t write only for getting rankings.
  • Write your text, add images or photos and more for your “Getting Started In Online business” page.
  • Save it as draft when you’re done. Don’t publish it yet because you need to check your content again, perhaps you want to add or change some text.
  • Click “Publish” when you think your page is ready to publish.
  • If you want to do revision to your page, add some texts or image, just click “Edit Page” then do your revision. Click “Update”to save any changes you’ve made.


In order to make your page to appear in your navigation bar, here are the basic steps that you should do:

  • Click “Appearance” in the sidebar of the Dashboard menu, then click “Menus”
  • Find “Getting Started in online Business”page or any page you’ve created, click the checkbox next to it, then click “Add to Menu”. Finally click “Save Menu”.
  • Check it out by viewing your page. Now your page has linked to in the navigation bar (It is on the top of your site).

Do you want your homepage shows the same content everytime? Or do you want your homepage looks like a blog post which always change?

For the first choice, you have to make your homepage as a static page which means this page doesn’t change. The basic steps to set up a static homepage:

  • Go to dashboard, click “Settings” then click “Reading”.
  • Choose and click “A static page” and select “Front Page”as Home Page.
  • Choose and click “Full Text” for “For each article in the feed, show”.
  • Click “Save Changes”.


If you choose your homepage looks like a blog post, in the second step you have to choose and click “Your latest posts” and select “Front Page”as Home Page.

WordPress will put your latest post on your Homepage if you don’t choose a static page.


Do you want to create a blog to your site? The basic steps to create a blog are:

  • Click “Posts”
  • Then click “Add New”. Write your blog post. When your blog is ready, you need to add a category for it. For example its category is “blog”.

Add the category to the menu.

  • Go to “Appearance”
  • Then click “Menus”. Fill in the  category name
  • Click “Add To Menu”.
  • Click “Save Menu”.

Then your blog is ready to publish.

If you want to create a new category:

  • Go to “Posts”
  • Click “Categories”. Name your category.
  • Then click Ädd New Category”.


The most WordPress themes have taglines which are added at the top of every page accross titles or logos of the sites. You can add tagline on your site  by going to “Settings” then click “General” and then fill in the form:

  • Site Title
  • Tagline
  • E-mail address
  • Membership ( Don’t check the box if you don’t want ‘Anyone can register”)
  • New User Default Role (You might want to choose “Administrator”)
  • Finally click “Save Changes”.

I hope you found this short and basic steps to create a content for your new website is useful. I will write more about other important things in building your website next time.

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