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What is the best keyword search tool?


There are many keyword search tools on the net that you can use to search keyword, among others Google Keyword Tool and Bing Webmaster Toolbox. If you ask me ‘What is the best keyword search tool?”. Then my answer will be Jaaxy. This keyword tool has some awesome features which other keyword tools don’t have.

What is a keyword and why we need a keyword search tool? Keyword is a repeated word or a main word or a phrase that describes or defines the contents of an article. People who search certain information on Google, Bing, or Yahoo they type certain word(s) on these search engine. This certain word(s) is ‘keyword (s)”. We need a keyword search tool to search for a strategic and great keyword or phrase for our article so that our article get ranked in Google .

If you have already set up your website, the next step you should do is to create content for your new site. You have to use a great keyword for your content and focuses your content on that keyword in order to create a great content or article. Because by creating a great article you can create a successful campaign for your site and get ranked in Google.

Jaaxy keyword ranking

When you post an article and your article has a good ranking in Google, it means your site will generate many traffics or attracts many visitors which also means you can monetize your site. That’s why you need the best keyword search tool like Jaaxy that can give you a great result ‘instantly’, not the one which needs up to 30 minutes until a result appears. Because “Time is money in the world of business and research”.

What can Jaaxy do that other search platform can not do?

  • Accurate competition metrics
  • Very fast niche research
  • Real case study
  • Comprehensive keyword research

Jaaxy has also some other great features which makes it the best keyword search tool and better than the rest of the pack, among others:

Site ranking

If you want to know where your site is ranked in Google, then you can search it by using Jaaxy. Its site search function will instantly search the first 200 results in Google.

Search history

It is to track all the keywords that you’ve ever searched.

Saved Lists

It saved all the keywords that you’ve ever searched at Jaaxy.

Jaaxy history

Average montly searches

It shows you the average searches per month for the exact keyword. For example: there are 12000 searches per month for the keyword “the best keyword search tool”.

Jaaxy traffic

Estimated traffic

How much traffic or searches per month for the exact keyword that you can expect if your article got page one rank on Google. For example: there are 500 traffic/searches per month for the keyword “the best keyword search tool”.

QSR (Quoted Search Results)

How many competitions for the same keyword, it will reveal to you in a matter of seconds. It is to predict whether a keyword wiil be easy to rank in Google or not. The exact number of pages in Google with the exact search term /keyword. Of course you should choose a lower competition.

Jaaxy QSR

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

It’s based on some different matrics. It gives you a good visual idea whether the keyword is a good one or not. It has green light which means the keyword is great to rank, yellow light means the keyword is a little harder to rank, and red light means the keyword is very difficult to rank.

SEO Power

A score based on KQI value (the score is 1-100, higher is better).

Domain Availability

Jaaxy can be used for researching a domain name too. It shows you which domains are available for the exact keyword, for example: .net .com .org

Jaaxy domain availability

Using jaaxy will save you hours of time in searching a keyword. Because Jaaxy work instantly, maximal 45 seconds for a result to appear, while other keyword tools need up to 30 minutes. You can use Jaaxy data to move forward faster, to take further action in creating great articles.

I suggest you to try Jaaxy for free before you purchase. If you create a trial account, you will get 30 free keyword and niche searches using Jaaxy and also instant access to the full system. I think you will like all the wonderful features that Jaaxy offers.  

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Jaaxy full features

If you consider signing up as a pro member, it will cost you only $19 per month. As a pro member of Jaaxy you will get unlimited access within the system of the world’s best keyword, market, and niche research tool.

You can access Jaaxy from any place and on any device as long as you have an internet connection. So, you can research keywords whenever and wherever you want and save it to personalized keyword lists. While the most downloadable keyword tools are accessible only from where you keep your download document. Don’t you think it makes Jaaxy the best keyword search tool on the net?

Jaaxy mobile

Do you want to get the most benefits from Jaaxy with an exclusive access to brand new system and product updates/betas? Then. you might consider upgrading your membership to Jaaxy Enterprise. It is the highest level membership at Jaaxy. With only $49 per month you can get data INSTANTLY and in the most efficient way possible that no other keyword tools can even provide.

Jaaxy is also the most advanced and powerful keyword search tool on the net. Site Search function in Jaaxy Enterprise is 10x faster than the premium one. You can search 5 different search terms in 5 different tabs at the same time at Jaaxy. It is great for multi tasks and much more efficient for your research. Also, you will get product updates/betas which are exclusively only for Jaaxy Enterprise members.

Jaaxy owners are Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. They are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate too. Just like Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy has also an exciting affiliate program. Therefore I will write about the Jaaxy affiliate program next time.

Don’t spend more of your time on keyword search. Your time is worth. Just use the most powerful keyword tool that can help you get a great keyword instantly. The faster you get a great keyword, the faster you can create your contents and site campaign, and the better for your business. Also the best keyword search tool like Jaaxy can become a great asset to your online business.

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