Set Up a Website

Set Up a Website In Wordpress

If you’ve already bought a domain name and set up a hosting, then it’s time to install your website design platform to your domain. If you are a beginner, I suggest you to set up your website in WordPress. Because it is the easiest website builder and also you won’t need coding or programming skill to build your site.

Whether you are going to build an E-commerce site or just blogging, WordPress is flexible enough to fit your needs.

For beginners there is an easy way for installing WordPress. It is by using quick installation. Most good hosting providers provide an automatic installer or quick install for installing WordPress. Usually they’ve installed WordPress on their servers. Here are the steps to install the WordPress through your web hosting:

  • Login to your hosting account
  • Go to your account control panel (cPanel). Most hosting providers have a simple login control panel.
  • Write down your website name (for example:
  • Fill in the forms as you see below
  • Click the install now button

Your WordPress website platform should be ready to build and now you can set up a website in WordPress.

Wordpress quick install


If you have Wealthy Affiliate as your hosting provider, then these are the steps that you should do for installing WordPress  on Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Express website builder:

  • Login to your Wealthy Affiliate account
  • Write down your domain name, for example: mywealthyworld. Wealthy Affiliate hosting offers a free hosting and  domain name using the Siterubix WordPress platform. But you can also use your own domain name but the hosting provider is Wealthy Affiliate. But make sure you’ve already updated the DNS settings before you’ve done this step.
  • Name your website, for example:
  • Choose a look or a theme for your website. Wealthy Affiliate has already installed hundreds of WordPress themes to their servers.
  • Review your settings. Click “I’m ready, build my website now!” if everything is good to go.

Wordpress install WA


If your hosting provider isn’t have integrated one click installation, then you should install WordPress manually. It’s not as easy as the quick install and especially it is not an easy way to install WordPress for beginners. It is more for advanced users. As a beginner, I suggest you to set up a website in WordPress with the easiest way possible . You might consider changing your web hosting provider with a good one which has a quick install for installing WordPress.

Below is what the WordPress welcome dashboard looks like:

wordpress dashboard


If your web hosting is other than Wealthy Affilliate then after installing WordPress to your domain, you need to choose a theme or a design template for your new site. Because what you have now is a very basic default WordPress theme.

WordPress has over 1,400 designed themes that you can choose from and customize for your site. You are surely will choose a theme according to your taste and your site’s goal. Some themes are good for blogging, some themes are good for E-commerce, and some themes are good for both. Below are some of them:

Wordpress theme


To choose a theme, firstly you have to login to the WordPress dashbord. Once you are in the WordPress dashboard, along the side bar, click ‘Appearance, then click “Themes”. Now you get access to more than a thousand of themes. I suggest you to choose and click to a free theme, you don’t need to upgrade ( yet) to a more professional theme which one you have to pay if you choose that kind of theme. In fact, many free themes are really professional in design. Also, you should better look for a ‘responsive’ theme which will look good on mobile devices.

Hereby are some examples of responsive WordPress themes:

  • Amora (good for creatives and photography)
  • Ample (good for blogging)
  • Artificier (good for E-commerce)
  • Blogger (good for blogging)
  • Dynamic News (good for news and blogging)
  • GoPress (good for news and blogging)
  • MetroX (good for blogging)
  • Reviver (multipurpose theme, good for E-commerce)
  • Tesseract (good for blooging and E-commerce)
  • Twenty Fifteen (good for blogging and E-commerce)
  • Unite Demo (wedding theme)
  • Vantage (good for blogging and E-commerce)
  • Visua Design (photography theme)
  • Zerif ( good for small business)

Finding a theme which suit your needs, sometimes takes a while. But if you are not satisfied with your theme you can change it anytime you want. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your previous posts or pages when you change your theme.

If you’ve already found your favourite theme , click ‘install’, click ‘activate’, then you can ‘customize’ it. It’s not difficult at all, is it?

By the way, you can install WorPpress to your computer without a domain name and hosting to practice setting up a website in WordPress. But your website cannot be published because you don’t have a domain name as the address of your website, nor a web hosting to connect your website with other computers/IP servers. Go to to install WordPress, then click download WordPress. Save it into your computer.

Now you have already set up a website in WordPress. The next step you have to do after setting up your website is creating great contents. Happy writing!


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