Avoid Scams Online

The ways to avoid scams online


Have you ever been scammed online? Do you know the ways to avoid scams online? You have to know the ways to avoid scams online in order to protect yourself from scammers. 

Scammers usually use old trick which combined with modern technology to trick their victims. People who believe to their fraud would send money or give out personal information.

Other names for the scammers are hackers, crooks, or swindlers. They recognized the potentials of the internet and use it to create clever schemes to defraud people. They trick people via email, a fake online ads, search results on a fake website and pop ups. These online scams have affected people on cyberspace and also people who want to build an online business.

These are several common ways which make internet users become vulnerable to online attack or online scams:

  •  access to social media network
  •  shopping online
  •  checking emails
  •  surfing the internet

The best way to avoid scams onlline is that we need to know what most popular scams and trick used by scammers to get to their targets and to steal financial and personal information.

scams victim

There are a lot of types of scams online and frauds in the internet. Hereby some of scams online:

Fake software scams:

While we are busy surfing the internet or emailing friends, there is a pop up which said “Your computer has been infected with a virus. Download this file and it will clean your computer up in minute”. Or fake Microsoft says that you have problems with your Microsoft programs and they are offering to solve the problem.

Don’t fall for this trick. Avoid this scam online, because the scammers behind that pop up are going to hack your computer and stealing the data or personal informations from your computer.

Make money fast scams:

This online scam used by cyber criminals by targeting people who are in a difficult financial situation by offering them a system or a method to make easy money fast. One of the tricks is by offering a binary system for trading. You don’t need any trading skills or knowledge to do the trading because they said the binary system will automatically do it for you.

To make the system work for you, they give you a very limited time to make an important decision to join the trader’s club and wire money to them. Instead of getting rich fast, you will lose your life savings or insurance money in seconds. It will be late for you to realize it.

Suppose you knew the ways to avoid scams online, it would never happen to you.

Work from home scams:

scams work home

Using a scam website, scammers targeting people who are tired of 9 to 5 routine job or people who want to have an online business to become their own boss. The scammers who sometimes called themselves gurus claim that they can teach the targets about making money online.

Since joining the programs and to get the knowledge and the service, those people have to pay up front. Instead of getting knowledge about how making money online, they will end up losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

It is better that you seek information or read some reviews before joining any online program to avoid this kind of scam online.

Domain name scams:

The scammers offering a domain name which they said a third party is just about to buy it. They will try to pressure you to buy that domain name with an excessive fee while in reality there is no third party.

An other types of domain name scams is a fake domain name renewal notices. The scammers sent a letter to you for renewing your domain name. But of course it is not from the previous company where you have registered your domain name with.

Phishing email scams:

scams phising

One of online scams trick is called phishing. It is a message or a con game which is designed by scammers to collect sensitive information from their targets. They send emails which appear like it comes from a legitimate company websites such as Amazon, Ebay, or bank institutions.

The message in the emails stated that your information need to be validated or updated. The phisers will be able to gain access into your computer or financial account by using information that you provide.

How to avoid this kind of scam online? Don’t provide any personal information to any company website if you don’t know whether it is legit or not.

Job hunter scams:

scam job

The scammers make a fake job vacations. They look for people with a difficult situation like jobless people to take advantage. They put job ads online and targeting those people who are desperate by getting them to pay money up front with promises of employment.

Also, they steal the bank accounts and social security numbers of those people. But instead of getting the job, they are out of the money which they don’t have and still jobless.

Do you want to avoid this scam online? Seek information and reviews on the internet about the legitimacy of the company before applying to any job vacation.

Won some lottery scams:

scams lottery

You get a message in your email that you win a big amount of money from a lottery in a foreign country. The price is so tempting, even if you don’t recall ever buying a lottery ticket. You have to pay fees or taxes and custom duty to collect your price.

If you send money, you will not get your price regardless the promises. You haven’t won anything and you cannot ask your money back.

How to avoid this scam online? If you don’t recall ever buying a lottery ticket, of course you won’t ever win any price.

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To be clearly understood, you have also to be cautious if you get an offer or email which seems like the following:

  • An offering, which seems too good to be true.   scams too good
  • Try us, free offer which ask your card details.
  • The clock ticking offer. It stated if you don’t act fast, the offer will last.
  • A website offering a product which has no address or phone number to contact the promoters.
  • An email from an individual or a company that you haven’t heard before.

Be smart online and don’t fall for those kinds of tricks. Beware of online scams and learn the ways to avoid scams online.


Use these tips, they are the ways to avoid scams online:

  • When you are surfing the internet and searching online information sometimes you never know if  the site that you visit contains virus. So, it is wise if you always update your antivirus software.
  • Change your password regularly, don’t share your password or write it down where other people can read it. Choose a long password which is unique with a mix combination of uppercase or lowercase letters and numbers. Such a password will be difficult to be cracked.
  • Never click on links which are suspicious.
  • Do not allow anyone that you don’t trust to get access to your computer.
  • When you will invest your money, do some research and check out the legitimaty and credibility of the company.
  • Never reply to email or any messages from someone or an organization which you don’t trust that asking you to give out your financial or personal information.
  • If you see charges that you don’t recognize or didn’t okay, immediately contact your bank, card issuer, or other creditor.
  • When you are considering a review about anything, check out the author and the source of the information. Is it a customer, is it an expert, or a columnist.
  • Do not give up your phone number when signing up for online job ads if you don’t know about its legitimacy.

There are many more types or tricks of online scams in the internet. Protect yourself from scammers by learning the ways to avoid scams online. Stay safe on the web.


8 thoughts on “Avoid Scams Online

  1. Hello Hayu. I agree with you. It’s easy to fall for online scams these days, not always easy to spot them and avoid them. And you have mentioned a few them on your post.

    I will add to this, don’t give your phone number when signing up up for a supposedly online job. I did on a few occasions and ended up having people calling me at home. And all they wanted at the end of their endless speach was my money… otherwise we couldn’t do business.

    So it’s good to see posts like yours to make us aware of those traps.


  2. Hello Guy!

    Thank you for visiting my site and kindly leave a comment.

    You are right, sometimes it’s not easy to spot and avoid a scam. Because scammers are always using clever schemes. Mostly the victims don’t realize that they are being scammed. Until they lost their money or their personal informations were stolen.

    I will certainly add your info to avoid online scams that based on your own experience.



  3. Hello, Hayu!

    You are so right about these online scammers! They do nothing but take advantage of the ignorance of people who are new to the internet! When I see some of the scams they put out there, I wonder how they sleep at night!

    Apparently, they have no conscience left!

    I just read a post at Wealthy Affiliate that was talking about a woman who had been scammed for $70,000.00! Unbelievable! And, no, the woman was not stupid, simply overly careful! Some of these scammers need to do some prison time for extortion in my humble opinion!

    Great post on this topic! Your site looks real nice!

    Great job and keep up the good work!


    1. Hello Donnie!

      Those scammers are criminals who don’t have any conscience left. They don’t care who are their target, whether an old poor woman or a jobless man.

      I think the worst scams in the internet is romance scams which I didn’t write on my post. Most of the victims of this scams didn’t realize that they have been scammed because they fell in love with the scammers. They lost a lot of money to the scammers and sometimes still they didn’t want to believe that they’ve been victims of romance scams, like what I’ve been watched on Tv at Dr.Phil program.

      Sometimes it is difficult to put the scammers in prison because most of the scammers live in different countries than the victims.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my post.

      Best wishes.


  4. Hello Kyle,

    Thanks for reading my post. I’ve tried to find different ways to make money online too, until I found about Wealthy Affiliate. Several times I almost became a victim of online scams. Unfortunately I always try to find reviews or information about any online business that I want to join. That is also the reason why I’ve written this post.

    I wish you will be succeed in your online business.


  5. Hello Kavinah,

    Thanks for visiting my site and reading my article.
    One of my missions in writing the article about scams is to help people to avoid scams online and not to become one of the victims. Because I myself almost became a victim of online scams when I tried to build an online business.

    Best regards.


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