Domain Name and Web Hosting

What is a domain name and web hosting?

When you are going to build a website you need a domain name and a web hosting. For some people who never build a website before usually they have questions ‘What is a domain name and a web hosting? How to purchase it?’.

A domain name is a unique name or an address of a website. In the physical world it is like the address of a house. Suppose you compare your house with your website, if someone wants to visit your house, he should know the address of your house. For the same case, if someone wants to visit your website, he should know the domain name of your website. So, website visitor uses your domain name to access and view your website.

The domain name and its corresponding IP (Internet Protocol) address must be a unique name, the one and only on the internet. IP address shows the server where the website is located, and it is the task of the Domain Name System (DNS) to match a domain name with its IP address. The network would be confused when it tried to communicate with the computers if there was more than one the same domain name. That’s why the naming system is strictly regulated in order to prevent duplicate addresses and confusion.

Domain server

Computers contact each other and communicate by using IP addresses in the form of numbers. In physical world is just like you use a phone number to contact someone.

Domain name System (DNS) contains databases about domain names and the corresponding IP addresses. This system allows internet users to deal and having to remember domain names rather than a series of numbers. For example, without a domain name your site address would be located at a temporare url with a series of numbers at the address such as 123.456.789.123/~my site. It will make your site look unprofessional and impractical for your customers/site visitors.

How to purchase a domain name? You can purchase and register a unique domain name for your site or blog with a domain name registrar. You have to think and find a creative variation for your domain name because almost all domain names with common words have already been purchased and registered.

It is relatively cheap to register a domain name, but you must renew it every year or every few years. The domain name is yours until you stop renewing it and it will become available for other people to purchase it.

Domain name provides specific information on each part of it to enable web browsers to locate the webpage. When you are going to visit a website you have to type a domain name into the address bar of the web browser’s page from left to right. But the naming hierarchy of the domain name itself is read from right to left. For example:

From the example above, ‘mywealthyworld’ is a sub domain of a domain name and it is a unique name and there isn’t the same domain name in the web.

Domain level

Most domain names are preceded by ‘www’, which is a sub-domain prefix for World Wide Web. It is not part of the domain name. While some domain names don’t use the ‘www’.

The top level of a domain name is domain suffix which is separated from sub domain level by a dot. It helps to identify the type of website that the domain name represents. Domain suffix which is typically used by commercial website is ‘com’ and nonprofit organizations often use ‘org’, édu’or ‘net’.

Users also easily recognize the country code as a domain suffix such as ‘id’(Indonesia) or ‘uk’(United Kingdom) which helps identify the location of the website.

Expansion of the top level domains is also occuring, they are ‘biz’, ‘info’, ‘museum’, and ‘name’.

If you want to purchase and register a domain name, here is some popular domain name registrars:

  • 1&


If you want other people to be able to view your website then you need a web hosting. A web hosting is a space that you rent out to have your website files in, or a place for your website files to reside or to stay. It is only a space for your files and your domain to reside. It doesn’t include a site design for your business. Without web hosting your domain would be like a disconnected phone number.

Web hosting 2

You can purchase your web hosting from a hosting service. Hosting service is the business that offers hosting, serving, and maintaining website files to customers. Other than hosting files, hosting services can also be used for games, images and similar content.

If you have a website and you want to host your own website it would be expensive. Because you have to pay the cost for connections on T-carrier system lines, it is the fast connection to the internet. That’s why many companies prefer to use a hosting service to share the cost of fast internet connection on T-carrier system lines for serving files.

Hosting service providers, mostly offer three types of web hosting that people can rent out:

  1. Dedicated web hosting: The entire server reserved and leased for only one website.
  2. Shared web hosting: Many websites use the same hosting server.
  3. Virtual Private Server hosting: A mix or a hybrid of dedicated and shared web hosting. One website is hosted on its own virtual server, so other customers’ websites won’t affect it.

Web hosting service

There are thousands of web hosting services available on the internet, from free services which offers limited features to the expensive one. Which one you should choose dependss on whether you want to spend much money for your website or you want the cheapest one or the free one.

Most domain name registrars are also offering web hosting and mostly their price is for yearly purchase. But you don’t need to purchase your domain name and web hosting together from the same company. You can purchase your domain name from one company and web hosting from another company.

Hereby is the screenshot of some web hosting services and their yearly prices. Choose one that you think will meet your needs:

Web hosting prices

Website Platform

Best website design platform


Do you want to learn how to build a website? Do you know the best website design platforms to build your website? Because one important step you have to do when you are planning to start your own online marketing business is creating a website.

Building a website sometimes is not that easy. If you want to pay a professional website developer, it can be expensive. If you want to try to build it yourself, sometimes it will give you a headache. Another alternative that will not give you a headache is by getting a step by step training in building a website. Check on this link for a complete information.

Here are the steps in creating a website:

  1. Choose a website design platform.
  2. Choose a web address/domain name and hosting.
  3. Set up and customize your website.

To create a great website without getting headache you need the best website design platform. Unfortunately, there are CMS website platforms out there that can make the process of website building easy and not expensive, and even free. A website design platform is a software, a method and a place where your website is built, and where you can create and manage the content of your website.

wordpress dashboard

Of course you want later that your website will become a successful and profitable website. For that purpose, there are some important requirements and aspects your website should fulfill. Those aspects are:

  • Using CMS website platform
  • Great and targeted content
  • Regularly post new content
  • How easy it is to navigate
  • speed and load time
  • Professional looking design

In this article I’m going to discuss one of the important aspects in building a website. It is a website design platform, especially CMS website platform which is the best website design platform .

Several years ago if you want to build a website from scratch was difficult. You need to have design skills and know a lot of coding.

But now getting a website up and running is accessible for everyone by using Content Management System (CMS) platform. It is an uncomplicated system that enables you to easily edit, delete, or add images and texts in the pages of your website instantly.

When a CMS is not yet available you have to use a bunch of loose HTML pages or CSS to manage your content. With CMS website design platform anyone can create a wonderful design website with great features and also even eCommerce website.

There are so many options of CMS website  design platforms out there for you to choose for creating your website. Hereby some of them:

  • Refinery CMS
  • TextPattern
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • ModX
  • Concrete5
  • DotNetNuke
  • Umbraco
  • TinyCMS

From the list above, there are three best website design platforms that made an impression on many website builders lately. They are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. All these three platforms are free to download and they have constant updates.

From those three best website design platforms, WordPress is the most popular platform used by nearly half of website owners, from personal blogs to eCommerce websites. It was originally built as blogging software, but then it blew up into full web design software. With this platform you can manage the content of your own website. Many big companies like Forbes, CNN, ebay, Sony, and Reuters are using WordPress platform too.

wordpress users

Here are some other reasons why many people choose the best website design platform like WordPress:

It is beginner friendly

If you are a beginner, WordPress is the easiest website design platform you can work with. To create a content for WordPress website is easy if you can use MS Word. It has also a various plugins to expand and to handle any kind of website that you want to create.

It has over 19.000 plugins

Plugins are like “apps”. WordPress has over 19.000 plugins which most of them are free.  Users are allowed to download them to add functionality of their WordPress website design platforms and to help creating great content for their websites.

It is SEO friendly

It has many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins that can increase your website’s search engine ranking. It means your site can get better ranking by google. In fact, most websites which built with WordPress website design platforms tend to rank higher by google than websites which built with other than WordPress website design platforms. Google’s Matt Cutts said that WordPress automatically solved tons of SEO issues because it takes care of 80% – 90% of the mechanics related to SEO.

It is responsive and mobile friendly

Now many people using smartphones or tablets for surfing the internet. Websites which are using WordPress website design platforms will be looking great and responsive for those mobile devices.

It has the famous “5-Minute Install”method

You can download and install WordPress website design platforms in about 5 minutes. Thus, it is a quick installation method.

It is Open Source

Many programmers and software developers around the world have contributions to the code. So WordPress website design platforms improves and enhances regularly.

It has a huge support community

If you get any problem about WordPress website design platform or theme, there are many people in the WordPress developer community who are ready to help you.

Website platform WP

There are reasons why other website design platforms like Drupal and Joomla are less popular compare with WordPress:


It has a very steep learning course which is not beginners friendly, although it has a powerful platform which is popular for experiences web developer or coders. You need more expertise and more time to use Drupal as your website design platform.

Like WordPress, Drupal can be used to create a personal blog to big company website. But its users mostly are data rich website and online stores. It is also a free and open source CMS. It has a lot of modules that can be added to increase your website’s functionality.

Website platform Drupal


If you choose Joomla as your website design platform you will need a little bit of technical coding.

Joomla will work great if you want to build an online store. It is extremely customizable, which is suitable for any purpose, whether for a small business website, non profit organization website, or individual website. Users can create a more complex website with a flexible structure which is useful for complicated shopping site.

Joomla has admin section that is easy to use. If you want to try the demo version or download a copy, just visit the Joomla website.

Website platform Joomla

If you decide to choose a certain website design platform, you can download and install it to your server, or you can download the demo version for sure. Most CMS developer’s website has a demo version.

Choose the best website design platform which can fit with the purpose of your website and your aims in order to make a successful and profitable website.






Avoid Scams Online

The ways to avoid scams online


Have you ever been scammed online? Do you know the ways to avoid scams online? You have to know the ways to avoid scams online in order to protect yourself from scammers. 

Scammers usually use old trick which combined with modern technology to trick their victims. People who believe to their fraud would send money or give out personal information.

Other names for the scammers are hackers, crooks, or swindlers. They recognized the potentials of the internet and use it to create clever schemes to defraud people. They trick people via email, a fake online ads, search results on a fake website and pop ups. These online scams have affected people on cyberspace and also people who want to build an online business.

These are several common ways which make internet users become vulnerable to online attack or online scams:

  •  access to social media network
  •  shopping online
  •  checking emails
  •  surfing the internet

The best way to avoid scams onlline is that we need to know what most popular scams and trick used by scammers to get to their targets and to steal financial and personal information.

scams victim

There are a lot of types of scams online and frauds in the internet. Hereby some of scams online:

Fake software scams:

While we are busy surfing the internet or emailing friends, there is a pop up which said “Your computer has been infected with a virus. Download this file and it will clean your computer up in minute”. Or fake Microsoft says that you have problems with your Microsoft programs and they are offering to solve the problem.

Don’t fall for this trick. Avoid this scam online, because the scammers behind that pop up are going to hack your computer and stealing the data or personal informations from your computer.

Make money fast scams:

This online scam used by cyber criminals by targeting people who are in a difficult financial situation by offering them a system or a method to make easy money fast. One of the tricks is by offering a binary system for trading. You don’t need any trading skills or knowledge to do the trading because they said the binary system will automatically do it for you.

To make the system work for you, they give you a very limited time to make an important decision to join the trader’s club and wire money to them. Instead of getting rich fast, you will lose your life savings or insurance money in seconds. It will be late for you to realize it.

Suppose you knew the ways to avoid scams online, it would never happen to you.

Work from home scams:

scams work home

Using a scam website, scammers targeting people who are tired of 9 to 5 routine job or people who want to have an online business to become their own boss. The scammers who sometimes called themselves gurus claim that they can teach the targets about making money online.

Since joining the programs and to get the knowledge and the service, those people have to pay up front. Instead of getting knowledge about how making money online, they will end up losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

It is better that you seek information or read some reviews before joining any online program to avoid this kind of scam online.

Domain name scams:

The scammers offering a domain name which they said a third party is just about to buy it. They will try to pressure you to buy that domain name with an excessive fee while in reality there is no third party.

An other types of domain name scams is a fake domain name renewal notices. The scammers sent a letter to you for renewing your domain name. But of course it is not from the previous company where you have registered your domain name with.

Phishing email scams:

scams phising

One of online scams trick is called phishing. It is a message or a con game which is designed by scammers to collect sensitive information from their targets. They send emails which appear like it comes from a legitimate company websites such as Amazon, Ebay, or bank institutions.

The message in the emails stated that your information need to be validated or updated. The phisers will be able to gain access into your computer or financial account by using information that you provide.

How to avoid this kind of scam online? Don’t provide any personal information to any company website if you don’t know whether it is legit or not.

Job hunter scams:

scam job

The scammers make a fake job vacations. They look for people with a difficult situation like jobless people to take advantage. They put job ads online and targeting those people who are desperate by getting them to pay money up front with promises of employment.

Also, they steal the bank accounts and social security numbers of those people. But instead of getting the job, they are out of the money which they don’t have and still jobless.

Do you want to avoid this scam online? Seek information and reviews on the internet about the legitimacy of the company before applying to any job vacation.

Won some lottery scams:

scams lottery

You get a message in your email that you win a big amount of money from a lottery in a foreign country. The price is so tempting, even if you don’t recall ever buying a lottery ticket. You have to pay fees or taxes and custom duty to collect your price.

If you send money, you will not get your price regardless the promises. You haven’t won anything and you cannot ask your money back.

How to avoid this scam online? If you don’t recall ever buying a lottery ticket, of course you won’t ever win any price.

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To be clearly understood, you have also to be cautious if you get an offer or email which seems like the following:

  • An offering, which seems too good to be true.   scams too good
  • Try us, free offer which ask your card details.
  • The clock ticking offer. It stated if you don’t act fast, the offer will last.
  • A website offering a product which has no address or phone number to contact the promoters.
  • An email from an individual or a company that you haven’t heard before.

Be smart online and don’t fall for those kinds of tricks. Beware of online scams and learn the ways to avoid scams online.


Use these tips, they are the ways to avoid scams online:

  • When you are surfing the internet and searching online information sometimes you never know if  the site that you visit contains virus. So, it is wise if you always update your antivirus software.
  • Change your password regularly, don’t share your password or write it down where other people can read it. Choose a long password which is unique with a mix combination of uppercase or lowercase letters and numbers. Such a password will be difficult to be cracked.
  • Never click on links which are suspicious.
  • Do not allow anyone that you don’t trust to get access to your computer.
  • When you will invest your money, do some research and check out the legitimaty and credibility of the company.
  • Never reply to email or any messages from someone or an organization which you don’t trust that asking you to give out your financial or personal information.
  • If you see charges that you don’t recognize or didn’t okay, immediately contact your bank, card issuer, or other creditor.
  • When you are considering a review about anything, check out the author and the source of the information. Is it a customer, is it an expert, or a columnist.
  • Do not give up your phone number when signing up for online job ads if you don’t know about its legitimacy.

There are many more types or tricks of online scams in the internet. Protect yourself from scammers by learning the ways to avoid scams online. Stay safe on the web.


Amazon Associates

Amazon, a trusted brand name

Amazon affiliate marketing programs was launched in 1996 and become one of the first affiliate programs in the internet. It is a well known and a trusted brand name among internet users. It makes people feel more comfortable making  purchases from Amazon than from other lesser known or unknown companies.

If you are a blogger or content site owner , you can become a member of the Amazon affiliates programs but you need to get approval to become member of Amazon affiliates. Thus, you have to sign up to Amazon associates website to become an affiliate.

WA process money

As Amazon affiliate you can choose a method to add Amazon products. Also you can choose how you want to display your ads. You can put linking tools from Amazon site to advertise Amazon products and monetize your own site.

Invest your time to test various types of ads positions, methods, or products. Try to find which one works best on your site and should produce revenue.

Amazon has millions of new and used products. You may promote the products of your own interest that would attract your readers. It is your niche marketing and people will not doubt to buy the product of your niche because Amazon is a trusted brand name among internet users.

But if you prefer not to choose the products yourself, you may select an automated ad which will give you a list of products based on the content of your website or the best deals on Amazon.

You will be able to collect commissions or referral fees when customers click through the links on your websites and buy the products. But your affiliate membership approval will be cancelled by Amazon if something is not sold from your website within three months.

Hereby the fixed advertising fee rates that you will get from Amazon if you become their affiliate.

Amazon fixed rates

Amazon gen prod fees Amazon mobile apply fees Amazon volume based fees

As we can see from the tables of advertising fee rates above, the commissions for Amazon affiliates is between 1% up to 10%. It is a bit low commissions.

Amazon pays you as their affiliate in several ways:

  •  Pay By Check (for minimum $100 earnings)
  •  Direct Deposit to your bank (for minimum earnings $10, USA only)
  •  Amazon Gift Card (for minimum earnings $10)

Amazon also provides some different tools to facilitate their affiliates. The tools give advantage to the affiliates to be able to copy paste the products of their interest to be promoted in their websites. One of the tools is Site Stripe. This toolbaar has some features to make affiliates easily add links and also for a quick view of their earning commissions. The features of Site Stripe among others: Link to any Page, Build Slideshows on the Fly, Share on Twitter and Facebook, and View Earnings Summary.

Site stripe

Other than Site Stripe, Amazon provides widgets for their affiliates too. Some of the widgets are:

  • Deals Widget: To show “Goldbox deals”. It is a gold color box which is showing a discounted items from a specific category and ongoing promotions of the category.
  • Carousel Widget: This widget is almost the same as Deals Widget. The different is that this enables you to show the discounted items or ongoing promotions of a specific category in a rotating gallery of the items.
  • My favorites: This widget enables you to show your amazon favorite products or to tell your feeling about a certain product.

You can also promoting Amazon products by using Amazon graphical banners for each category on your website. Amazon has standard banner sizes and shapes, and banners for special seasonal promotions either.

Amazon widgets

Another benefit you can get as an Amazon affiliates is that you can create an online store with up to 100 storefronts using aStore setup tool. This aStore tool guides you to generates a URL. You can embed links from this URL to your website and display feature of Amazon products. With this aStore tool you can also create a shopping cart for your customers.


  • Amazon provides tools and supports for their affiliates.
  • Amazon has millions of new and used products to promote.
  • Trusted brand name among internet users.
  • You can collect commissions when someone buys Amazon’s product recommended at your website.


  • You must have a semi developed or developed website to join Amazon Associates.
  • They don’t provide trainings nor tutorials for their affiliates.
  • You must get approval to become Amazon affiliate member.
  • They will cancel your affiliate’s approval if you don’t sell anything from your website within three months.

How do you think so far? Are you interested to become a member of Amazon affiliate?